Meet In September, And Seal With A Kiss

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Meet In September, And Seal With A Kiss

Postby red1 » Sat Apr 23, 2011 12:05 pm

When i was a child, i hear the most beautiful songs and one of them goes like this in one of its lines, "I don't wana say goodbye for the summer... knowing the love we'll miss.. oh let us make a pledge, to meet in September."

Well, Kai told me that ADeV plans to hold a conference in September and i think that is good. Of course i will try to make it. It is in my bucket list. To face the tribunal of sorts. I like to see everyone in the face. I like to see their code actually.

Kai said he will bring some nice Russian girls. Ok, i will bring some nice Thai girls. Let us see who come i mean reached there first. He can rest assured that if anything happens to me, someone will be sending the other URL to Jorg Janke. And he aint Russian.

Well, meeting face to face has its merits. There will be hugs and even tears. All that is past is forgiven. Let us make anew. In fact that is what exactly happened everytime we meet. No its not in September. It was always in Berlin. Maybe Bangkok is better. There will be more hugs and moans.

Humans are so naive and gullible. Or they think that the rest are equally naive or gullible as they are. Having a few good drinks is fine. But this is a serious project that needs serious code.

I will be putting up one presentation only. And its topic title is :


I hope to show the iDempiere one. Which is the earnest effort that finally makes things happen in the end, the migration of ADempiere361, the best stable ever trunk version by Carlos Ruiz into the OSGi framework, which is another final piece by Low Heng Sin, the best ever coder in the best ever ERP software of the world.

Rest assured that neither Carlos nor Heng Sin be coming, i mean going. I already asked. I told them what kind of girls we got. I guess they have better mistresses already and they are mostly Javanese. But for me, i am the nice guy. I will come. And yes, i can bring a couple of nice Thai ladies. But who is gonna take care of their expenses? Do you want to contribute? No, sealing with a kiss or handshake does not work here.
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Re: Meet In September, And Seal With A Kiss

Postby dantam » Mon May 09, 2011 7:14 pm

:-) I'd like to see your presentation "SHOW ME THE CODE". In this Open Source world I think the code is what matters.
The great thing about open source and coding is that the coders can do without the "politicians" but the "politicians" can't do without the coders.
Deep within the politicians know this, but they won't admit it.
Referring to your other posts, I follow the honey bees... not the politicians.

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Re: Meet In September, And Seal With A Kiss

Postby globalqss » Tue May 10, 2011 1:07 am

:) Daniel, not just that they won't admit it - "politicians" are pushing hard to expel coders from the project.

You can read the constant forum declarations and questions about "abandoning", "leaving", "forking" - the constant persecution deleting messages of just one person - that's funny.

A CC member (Mario Calderón) proposed a rule to expel from the project anybody working on a different project (this could be read on the CC Leaks episode) - I don't understand what are they protecting from coders :lol:


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Re: Meet In September, And Seal With A Kiss

Postby red1 » Tue May 10, 2011 2:02 am

Yes Daniel, the accusation that Carlos abandoned the project is not relevant. His 'honey' still makes its way back to the code every day as it is produced by him. It is like expelling a citizen but he still pays tax back to Federal Reserve. If there are more unwanted people like Carlos Ruiz that we love to hate, then we be a killer project. Alas, we got only one Carlos Ruiz :(
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