What if i am knocked down by a bus?

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What if i am knocked down by a bus?

Postby red1 » Sat Apr 23, 2011 11:33 am

Many people jumped into the argument when i said that the URL of http://www.adempiere.org is safer with me and that http://www.adempiere.com is safer with Carlos Ruiz by giving the insurance man's first pitch line when you open the door to his knocks.

"Sir, good day! What a beautiful home you have. What beautiful children! Have you ever considered, God forbids, that one day, a bus comes along, and..." I usually just click the door shut in his face.

(For those who already bought life insurance, i only have this one line to quip, "You won't be around to make sure they take care of your house and kids". Also there are other better insurance policies such as ensuring that your kids are given good starting education so that they do not end up like you, having to buy insurance instead of spending and having the best in life. Before kicking the bucket that is).

Well, holding your life in your hands is one thing. Holding the trust of others is another. The question posed to me is "Who do we trust more? An institution or just an individual? Of course i answered that in earlier posts but when the bus question above is given in my face by the head of the institution a few days ago, my answer is "I trust the bus more".

Ok, ok.. actually there is a sober, sane and calm answer for the community. Trust GPL. This happened many times before such as with the Compiere project where the owner eventually no, he was not knocked down by the bus. But he got visited by the Devil, i mean an angel (venture capitalist) who offered him USD6 million and he accepted it selling off his rights to the Compiere name and project. Well, it was good because it created the community fork, ADempiere. In fact to have our own fork and not occupying the West Bank allowed more players into the blue ocean which already has another evil fork, OpenBravo.

So now, if ever, i mean if i am ever knocked down by a bus, or if my lifejacket does not have air, or my parachute does not open (part of my bucket list to jump from a plane before i hit 50 this year), or any damsel broke my drowsy heart, you can rest assured that that is the best thing to happen to the domain name. It won't be sold off anyway as i will be dead and no dead man aint sign no papers. It will be pointing into the same IP as long as someone pays the annual fees. And if no one wants to pay for it, well maybe the project is also as good as dead.
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