The Case of the Politically Incorrect Nerd

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The Case of the Politically Incorrect Nerd

Postby red1 » Fri Apr 22, 2011 5:30 pm

Who is a nerd? You know because he is good at code and probably not much of anything else. Reason been if he is good at something else, he probably won't get to be a nerd. To be a nerd takes too much time and effort. Of course you also need to be smart. But putting most of your time into a single path or pursuit will rob you of time to be smart in many other things. At least not as smart or patient as one who has less time been a nerd.

One thing nerds are not good at is been politically correct. I bet nerds do not really grasp this phrase. To be politically correct often means you have to be technically incorrect or even sacrifice your own right of way. Yep, you have to give way to others alot if you want to be correct politically and win votes and popular support rather than their displeasure. You may even have to conjure and conjure so well that you do not look like lying at all. In fact you will likely end up looking like you could not go wrong. Well, once the votes are counted everyone will find out if you really win. Then you are politically correct.

So when we want a nerd to be out of the way, all we have to do is to throw a stone into his pathway and trigger his emotions to defend himself. In the end the nerd will say something politically incorrect and others will shun his words as they sounded like screaming. Another pebble into the pond and the screaming repeats itself. More stones and you will have the nerd all over the floor.

I noticed this phenomena alot these last few years when i was the postman at the ADempiere project. This reminds me of a story of a boy whom everyone in the village plays a trick on. This boy is shown two coins - a one dollar coin and a half dollar coin (50 cents) which is larger. He will choose the 50 cents coin as larger and get to keep it. All the other kids will laugh at him. Everytime there is a new kid on the block they will bring that new kid and show him this stupid kid. They will play that trick on him and laugh their heads off on how stupid he is. One day, a new kid felt sorry for this kid and pull him aside to tell him what exactly is happening.

"You are not supposed to choose the 50 cents coin. The smaller coin is more valuable. It is double in value"

The 'stupid' kid replied, "I know. If i choose the one dollar coin, they will stop asking me and i will stop getting free money."

I have pulled our top nerd aside telling him that he is the opposite of the stupid kid because he is too 'smart' for his own good. He cannot lose in any argument. But the other kids don't want to win either. Or they have given up. They got a strategy. They want the nerd to keep 'winning'. Get it? I myself also sometimes do not understand this. But what i know is that if the nerd started to defend himself, he ends up looking bad. So, the opposite got to be true. If he does not defend himself at all, he will always win morally. He will end up with the upper hand and occupy the moral staircase. If he opens his mouth he will trip and fall from the upper floor. I observed that to be true most of the time.

So i started to defend him vigourously to discourage him from the need to defend himself. But still my counter-strategy is not fool-proof. The other kids will find out ways to draw him out from his comfort zone to hit back. And when he hits back, he wins the argument but walks away with political damage. In the end a bystander only sees the nerd shouting and forgot about non-nerds who shouted at him from behind close doors or dark curtains. I also ended up looking politically incorrect. In the end i have to just give up, move here and explain things more quietly, clearly and politically correctly.

Take for instance when the nerd defended himself that he is not forking. No one said he was. Anyone who say so has to have proof but there aren't any. So someone planned a strategy where a 3rd person is incepted in his mind to ask our nerd a harmless question of what he is doing putting his project on Kenai. Is it forking? Our nerd replied no. His shell access is taken away by a 1st person forcing him to administer his own project space at Kenai. Then a 2nd person smack him to say that if this is not forking, then what is it? When our nerd replied further and accused the 2nd person of insinuating he is forking, the 2nd person said it was the person that said it first and not him. He was merely reacting to our nerd rebuttal of the first person. This trick is common in political debate and one who was a politician like me knows it best.

In our Malay culture we have a old folks idiom that calls this "throwing the stone and hiding the hand that threw it". Many hands hide after they threw all sorts of stones at the nerd. Let me go through some of them which concerns our top nerd.

1. Our top nerd is power crazy. Well, this is not a fact at all. In fact he was voted in by a majority of citizens as the PMC head. Otherwise how could he be PMC head? Was he ordained by Brahman? By Jesus? No, by citizens voting. As a matter of fact he turned down a reelection but we asked him to go for it because the other candidate (name withheld - to hide my hand) is not at all suitable or has a track record to be a PMC head. In fact that candidate even delete contributions and hide his own hand with very nice excuses.

2. Our top nerd cannot work with others. Well, again, where are the facts? 14 people worked with him throughout his PMC head tenure. Their names are there in the wikis and meetings and feedback and actual work. I was one of them though i didn't do much except attend some meetings and missed alot. Others who attend only once or twice did not show up again. What are their excuses? Did they say, "I cannot work with our nerd so i need not turn up?" No, in fact they said they were too busy and couldn't find time. But now someone is always blaming our nerd of the same sin - cannot work with others.

However there was another nerd that claimed that he cannot work with our PMC head. So is it our top nerd's fault that another nerd cannot work with him? Why is it not that other nerd's fault? When you cannot work with an elected Mayor in the City is it that Mayor's fault right away or is it your own fault? I don't know but i am saying that it cannot be one side's fault solely. We have to arbitrate the facts. When someone accused our top nerd some time ago that he is bias, i stepped in to arbitrate and ask for facts. I did not make judgements except to caution the accuser to produce proof before alleging. In the end the accuser retracts his accusations but he left our top nerd very furious and you guess it - looking politically incorrect for having furiously defended himself.

3. Our top nerd blew up the project. Some people said that our nerd was cruel, and remove others' admin rights and split the project. Well, i got better and real facts. The split occurred way before he became PMC head the 2nd time. You can if you care to read the trackers and flames thrown everywhere. Come on, be fair. You are interested in the truth right? Or you are not on this side? Oh, ok sorry then. So if our nerd is a dictator how come he quit? How come he allow himself to be removed? Did he have provisions within the PMC rules to remove others? Well, in fact he did. If you care about truth you will read the PMC rules of what he can and cannot do. But no one cared of what are the events that lead to the blow up. No one looks at all the stones hurled at him to make things blow up. Only he is the one blowing it up. No one else seemed involved. Is that true? I don't think so. I followed the threads. There are hidden hands at work.

Somehow today the present CC has the right to remove his shell access rights and my admin rights without been accused of dictatorship. Hmm.. is there a word for this? Yes. It is called double standards. Again more hidden hands.

4. Our top nerd refused to surrender the domain. Again, is this true? Firstly asked yourself how did he get to hold the domain in the first place. Who gave it to him? Why give it to him? Did he asked for it? Did he steal it? How long has he been holding it. Well, in fact he did not ask for it. I asked him to hold it. I looked around for someone whom i think is the best contributor at that time in September 2006 to hold it. I do not want to hold it. Why? Well, i was thinking to myself if i hold all the domains i can be kidnapped and killed for those domains. Or a bus runs over me. So who do i give the other more important domain to? Should i give it to Heng Sin, the best coder to date? Yes and No. No because Heng Sin was not around at that time. Should i give it to Kai. Again yes and no. No because Kai was not around at that time. Should i give it to Victor? No because he was asked to hold the SF admin rights at that time. Not Trifon because Trifon was asked to hold the .net domain at that time and he should not hold another. I can go on and on but time was running out and the .net was grabbed by a very bad person from Germany who does business selling young kids i mean young domains to the highest bidder.

At one time our nerd even offered to give the domain to ADeV but i persuaded him not to. I told him that the original idea to give him the domain to hold onto is to avoid collusion. Hm.. bet you do not know such a word. Google for it then. Let me proceed. The idea is to spread out the assets of our bazaar and not let those in power to conspire and sell off the domain or use them as detente (another hard word).

5. Our nerd reverts others' code. Well i thought that is very bad. Why revert others' codes when this is a bazaar of everyone's codes? Bad bad boy! Well i was wrong. Actually all the real open source projects in the world do that. When code disrupts the whole base, they get reverted. The committer gets warned. Sternly. If he does that again, for five times, he gets banned. That is what those projects actually do to keep themselves working and protected from irresponsible committers. Hmm it seems that i am not a real nerd after all. I do not really code well and i do not even know how real open source projects really worked.

My forte is elsewhere. I am trying to hold on to the domains so that i can bring about real change. Don't worry, kids. It can be politically correct.
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