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Who Holds Our Trust?

PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2011 6:39 am
by globalqss
Hi community,

I have asked Red1 to reopen his forum for one very important role. Which is to protect what belongs to the community. Please help us again by answering this poll.

As usual there are challenges in our Adempiere community, I'm planning to transfer the .com domain to a different trustee (I have held on to this as trust from Red1 during the forking debate). (Please read ... ic/4414949)

Now, we voted to empower ADeV to hold the adempiere trademark worldwide - but we have not voted about who must be the trustees of the assets.
Clearly too much concentration of power on one single entity will put even more risk on Adempiere project stability. And this is against our founding leader's wish as he wisely distributed it during those vital days of September 2006.

So, I really want to hear opinion from community about which can be the best trustee for this community asset during the next years.


Carlos Ruiz

NOTE: This poll has a spanish translation - if you speak spanish you can comment/vote at

Re: Who Holds Our Trust?

PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:50 pm
by josephnexus
What we need to establish first is what this responsibility entails. After we know what the responsibility is, we can then see who is able to hold that responsibilty in a trusted way. Honestly, I want to see the domain held by someone that has earned my trust, I don't care who it is, so long as I know I can trust them.

Re: Who Holds Our Trust?

PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2012 10:08 am
by red1
The domain is to remain for life at your hands. You can sign a 'death wish' that it goes to a proven society such as the LBR Project in Brazil. Senor Hilario Fochi can be trusted to safeguard it. He spent two years quietly translating Compiere language files into Portuguese with 19 dictionaries but was turned down by Jorg Janke. It shook him so much that for 3 months he ignored the forums, and when he returned he saw the ADempiere fork and then offered to us which we duly accepted. He then as an end-user contributor worked with Ricardo Santana, his developer to refactor the collective work of LBR community including Fernando Lucktemberg for Brazilian taxation which is now highly configurable and can be tried out for any other country with complex taxation system.

He led 9 representatives from Brazil and their hope for acceptance of their roadmap effort was dashed in Berlin and so he invited me over to Sao Paulo for the purpose of seeking direction to this project. Today they know enough to proceed as their own independent clone of version 361.

After meeting him and his effort in organising the LBR project and community in Brazil, I know he is the one to trust next in Latin America.


Re: Who Holds Our Trust?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:23 am
by red1
ADNET.png (44.85 KiB) Viewed 11115 times
Today i see (snapshot above) to indicate that a PERSON by the name of Norbert Wessel holds the domain. Of course, i expect this to be corrected as soon as 'citizens' knows about this. This must be another 'honest' mistake. However as we are in 'opposition' to them the onus is not on us to claim on behalf of them. The burden is upon the present regime to declare their real intent and come clean and always be on their toes and transparency. That is expected of so-called democracies. Which we believe it is not but a clear exploit over an honest community project. We been saying this from day one of our retreat from such a project. This project is considered dead.

Also both domains and points to ADeV which points more to Metas as a business. Where then is the rest of the community's interests? Remember other members pay subscriptions to AD.eV.

The community wishes for fair justice and normal return of the project. I just do not know when is it safe to be even think about it. Now it is up to the people to rise. We ourselves here are so blacklisted and censored by them we cannot do so on behalf.

Re: Who Holds Our Trust?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:01 pm
by globalqss
Interesting new rule here: ... e=11540433

Norbert wrote (to support the reason why is pointing to a deutchsland site instead of a community site),

> "By the way, the contract about is with ADeV, the hosting contract is with ADeV,
> the domain cost are paid by ADeV."

Just want to raise a question related:

paraphrasing I could say:
By the way, the contract about is with CarlosRuiz (on behalf of community), the hosting contract is with CarlosRuiz, the domain cost are paid by CarlosRuiz.

So, asking to community: according to this new "rule" is it ok to point to (the colombian community site) ???

Carlos Ruiz

Re: Who Holds Our Trust?

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2012 7:43 am
by red1
It is OK to ask first before doing. That is community behaviour. In ADempiere project today we see unilateral decisions made without asking, or they must have asked in hiding robbing the bulk of the community to have a say. This is no longer a community project. It has become someone's private project and it is to make more money from public work. This is truly Animal Farm, even more evil than the Uncle Jones of Compiere.

Carlos lashed out again today in SourceForge forum such a simple but inconsiderate act by a certain individual within but i will consider he is without the community.

The ADempiere project is no longer my or your as in our collective project. It is a personal project of someone who can dictate what he likes (which is his private profit-taking business) as most URLs he control under the pretext of society now points to one domain which prominently advertise his company name.

Now do you understand why we refused to surrender the domains to such a person in the first place? We wish to surrender to real trustees or spread it out so that there is check and balance and no complicity of a sell-out in the dark. At the moment one URL held in Malaysia and the other in Colombia right across the other side of me is the best or at least better than the above.

Remember late last year, during the 'war' that person now in charge wrote to me complaining that our war made him lost business! I got very puzzled but upset at such a selfish and truly surreal statement. Is he not aware what this project is all about? Is it a slave-boat that earns him alone money? What is such a person doing here? And why does he not step down? Why are good nominated citizens not accepted but given a long list of procedures and duties before they can be admitted? Why are bad citizens still retained? Are they sincere in allowing the August Elections to be fair and free? I do not think so.

But then this is just my opinion. I hope all this is are just honest mistakes. But such mistakes will cost trust and good contributors from staying there. No one wants to work for you or me for free. We want to work for everyone, ourselves included. That is the driving motivation behind the bazaar. That is why you see the top contributors and global country representatives leaving.

One day i will return to fight them in an open court in Europe. I have no idea if the courts can understand our global project but i will not allow the community project to die without a fight. I hope you are with me. But i do not mind to do it alone. I have traveled the world and meet diverse parts of our project that do not even speak a word of English. Their spirit is the community and selfless sharing. That is our language.

Re: Who Holds Our Trust?

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2012 7:51 am
by red1
By the way i must inform that the URLS they obtain such as and are not through honest ways of legal process of the courts but bought with community money from domain squatters. This again is not acceptable and i have protested when i first hear of this to Kai Schaeffer in Berlin 2 years back.

I as the leader of the project that time was not consulted. It is serious breach of trust.

I do not mind if they do not respect my legitimate opinion but at least respect the subscription money members pay to AD.eV. By doing so, they are not believing in themselves as the legitimate owner of the ADempiere name.

The present owners of ADempiere are simply out of touch of our reality and needs. Yes, some of you say they are not evil in nature. Of course i agree as they are my friends too, but sometimes honest pursuit of business by some leads to evil and rob others of their livelihoods. This happens all over the world, in corporate circles, in 'war' business that is at an all time high cost these days.