Why Am I Reviving My Forum?

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Why Am I Reviving My Forum?

Postby red1 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 11:42 am

Ah how nice it is to rant again. On why i am doing this. I been asked even before i began some days ago. When i began to tell close friends (sorry, if you weren't told of this you may still be a close friend, but just that i think this can be an issue and i won't be able to handle a sudden burst of activity alone. Yes, i admit. I am quite alone).

It began few days ago when someone ranted to me about SourceForge been distant and not really attended to. This friend quipped to me on why i do not resume my old forum. This reminds me of the Old Man and the Ass story again, but doing nothing sometimes prepare you for something truly amazing.

As i began to think back of the reason why i locked my forums in the first place, its been more than 4 years since then. Wow! Its quite some time ago. I flashed back in my head of how it all started. Ah well, very fond memories indeed. I remembered it was due to spam and my cpanel has dropped Fantastico which means i cannot upgrade my old forum from pbpBB version 2 to anything later. If i want to, i have to do it manually. That is painful to learn something at this time or any time. But when i started reading the latest phpBB version 3 howto upgrade page, one thing leads to another and in a 4 hour pre-dawn single seating i really did upgrade it! And that is when the bug hits me.

I got hooked and began to poke here and there, adding this and that, hour after hour, day after night, while telling one friend after the other. Until now finally i wanted to try the mass email of 500 plus members (i suspect a great deal within are spambots) but i have to be prepared with more of the same question above.

Reflecting back why even started Red1.org/Forum in 2004, it was to scratch my publishing itch. I just love to write and write and get others to read and read. Seeing my writings been responded to positively makes my day. It is a curse sometimes. It is addictive.

So that addiction never stops. I wrote a hell lot in the ADempiere project, at many times beyond the necessary. Now that i feel i am no longer 'wanted' there, i return back to my old cell. I feel sorry for my home. Its been frozen in time. It has done alot those days. It was cosy and it was enjoyed and most of all some people really loved it. It deserves something better. It deserves to be awaken and alive again.

This time it has some knockout features. Besides inheriting all the old users and postings, it now allows anyone to subscribe to any forum and receive notifications via email. It can be in any language and even different portal theme preference.

Here, i or any admin has full control over the quality of content. Most importantly it can return to be what it truly was before - a passionate little pasture. I foresee to be more of a cottage out there in cyberspace.

Having said that, as stated before in those early days, this is no replacement for the official forums and sites of the main project, in those days it was Compiere, and today it is ADempiere itself. It is just my own place. Like many of you also have for your own site or locale, this is me, and this defines what i am.

So i continue to exist. In peace.

Thank you.
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Re: Why Am I Reviving My Forum?

Postby globalqss » Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:01 am

Redhuan, thank you very much for opening this space for adempiere community.

I don't have enough motivators to contribute in adempiere forums when the project was taken by the people that created the mess, and there are unsolved things about brand abuse from them.

I hope we can make this space a good source for adempiere support, and even a good space for discussion, honestly the "moderation" of adempiere sucks when the moderators are brand abusers, and most of the moderation is just to silence critics to them.
Look they're now redacting the rules about brand abuse - so I guess how they'll redact the rules to clean the image properly ;-)

You're good motivating people, you're good writing tutorials (most compiere community learnt from your tutorials), you're good ranting :-)
So, I'm glad to see you assuming your position again, we don't need a voting system for this, it's your site, it's what you do best.

From my side is the same, I'm good writing code, I don't need a voting system to keep coding, I don't need somebody to assign me permission (or drop them as it happened on sourceforge where ssh permissions where announced to be dropped)

We don't need a voting system to follow Heng Sin and support him. So, I decided to follow him as the leader on the architectural jump that OSGi represent for this project.

Leaders are not voted.
The way to know if you're a leader is to look behind you: is there somebody following you? Then, you're a leader of such follower :-D


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Re: Why Am I Reviving My Forum?

Postby red1 » Thu Mar 10, 2011 9:16 am

Thank you for your nice words. So now I would focus on the power of tools in bringing people together rather than just people bringing people. You can google to find countless phpBB tools out there that can do wonders, and i welcome anyone to research and incorporate them here.

Remember, FOSS is about Freedom, and strangely in SourceForge we do not really have that but at the mercy of the Admins there. Here we are the admins. We can backup our phpBB with a single click and store in our local PC. That is Peace of mind which is more meaningful to enjoy Freedom.

I already successfully embed PDF and Youtube bbcodes (it was so simple to do) and published Adaxa's nice brochures in the best way possible. Now i come across MODs and Hacks, Try this http://www.phpbbhacks.com/allhacks3.php or click on any category here http://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/modifications-1/

This reminds me of the reasons i am learning programming for. It is to be creative and feel free doing it. And yes we can control who we think has the same aspirations and excuse those who may not enjoy our indulgence.
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