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Accelerating Growth

PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 10:58 pm
by TheOunce
The tree needs pruning. Hello My user name is TheOunce short for snow leopard. Slang or 1/16 of a pound. Not quite slang. To the topic. I need assstance accelerating my understanding of ERP I just graduated college and was a part of APICS for a brief semester. Atleast there mailing list. From briefs to boxers aye. Growing up a bodhi tree. Heres the message Ive Got a short period to accelearte my understanding of the ERP resources available and want to be a part of IDempiere. Do any low level rannk players in the Game understand what an hour is worth. Im offering one of mine for one of yours. Hit me up on the messages and we can discuss The Game. Period. Thats enough for now.