Void Purchase Order

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Void Purchase Order

Postby dudalopes » Fri Oct 18, 2013 9:44 pm

Hello to All,

I have the following question, why to override a Purchase Order Receiving Material that contains the request is canceled but continues Receipt Done?
Unlike the Sale Order and Shipping, anularmos to an Order of Sale, your shipment is reversed.

Seen in the class of biting the method "private boolean createReversals ()" is a condition for reversal only perform when it is a sale IsSotrx = 'Y', but do not understand why it was said, because it is causing problems in the quantities to cancel request Purchase Receipt containing material.

I comment this condition and usually generated Reversal of Receipt to cancel the Purchase Order.

Has anyone verified this, or know why the system works well?

* Create Shipment/Invoice Reversals
* @return true if success
private boolean createReversals()
// Cancel only Sales
if (!isSOTrx())
return true;

thank you :D
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