iDempiere 1.0 vs. Adempiere 3.6.1 with Nov 15 patches

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iDempiere 1.0 vs. Adempiere 3.6.1 with Nov 15 patches

Postby smartjsp » Sat Jan 19, 2013 10:29 pm

Hi everyone.

We are starting a new implementation of Adempiere 3.6 LTS plus Nov15,2012 patches in one of our customers, but having in mind that Idempiere seems to be almost ready ... we are wondering:

1. for a regular/basic ERP implementation (it doesn´t use manufacturing, payroll or any advanced features), what are the main current functional differences : Adempiere 3.6 LTS plus Nov15,2012 patches and Idempiere 1.0a ? ... /any document,links about it ?

2. Do you guy think that iDempiere is currently ready for a small production environment ?

3. do you have a summary of the transition path from : Adempiere 3.6 LTS plus Nov15,2012 to Idempiere 1.0 any of the current forums or documents ?

We are starting to evaluate the migration of our adempiere contributions and a couple of our customer to Idempiere, so we would appreicate yoru feeback about it... bt having in mind our restricted time to play with the new versions (not much sponsoring for this) we just want to validate if this is a good moment to start migration .. and perhaps start with IDempiere for new basic ERP implemenations instead of using Adempiere 3.6 LTS plus Nov15,2012

BTW: Congratulations to all the IDempiere team and sponsors for such a great effort, we are trying to move our dev. effort to Idempire on the next months once we get confirmation about the stability of the release for basic implementations, and we migth start to migrate our contributions to Idempiere soon.


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Re: iDempiere 1.0 vs. Adempiere 3.6.1 with Nov 15 patches

Postby red1 » Wed Mar 06, 2013 12:01 am

1. ... ures_v0.01

2. No as it is at 1.0.a

3. Refer to Carlos Ruiz's 361 Final Edition, in the migration folder. Also in the iDempiere project the same migration folder is there for you to apply.

However it is advisable to put your team onto iDempiere just to test it as the learning curve is always a slow process for any ERP. No one will guarantee your business process is A-OK unless you test it yourself production or alpha. This is an Open Source project so take advantage of the freedom it gives to master it enroute. Once iDempiere hits production status, then your team is ready.

Just my 2 pesos.
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