Accounting M.Receipt with only Matching Invoice

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Accounting M.Receipt with only Matching Invoice

Postby FJVR » Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:06 pm


When the Costing Method is set to Average Invoice, should I be able to carry out the following steps and these generate the corresponding accounting consequences ?

1. Do a Material Receipt,
2. Create a Vendor Invoice from this Material Receipt,
3. Match the Invoice to the Receipt,

Or will I encounter trouble and get errors on the Material Receipt Document and the Matching Invoice Document ? What are your thoughts on this scenario?

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Re: Accounting M.Receipt with only Matching Invoice

Postby FJVR » Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:59 pm

Alright, I started this post to plant the seed. This is what is actually ocurring to me (as posted in ... rm-T83h6dY)


The following error is occuring to me in ADempiere 3.61 Final and I have recreated it in

1. Create a material receipt for Azalea Bush from Joe Block in the HQ organization.

>> Observe that inmediately their is a "Posting Error" and the details of it corresponding to the image attached by the name of: "Material Receipt Posting Error Average Invoice".

>> Also, the document is saying that no costs are assigned to azalea bush but if you go to the Product Window and look at Azalea Bush you will have that their are value assigned in the Product Costs tab.

I thought this would go away If I were to generate an invoice and match the receipt with the invoice. This was not the case.

2. Generate the Invoice from the Receipt using the Standard Pricelist.

>> The invoice will post the accounting consequence with out any trouble.

3. In the Matched Receipt Window, the document relating the Invoice with the Receipt presents the accounting error attached in "Matched Document Error".

The document numbers of the transactions carried out in corresponding to this example are:

Material Receipt Doc No: 10000511
Invoice (Supplier) Doc No: 10000013
Matching Receipt and Invoice Doc No: 10000000

Is it the intened natural functioning of ADempiere NOT to be able to post a Material Receipt without having a purchase order ?
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Re: Accounting M.Receipt with only Matching Invoice

Postby jdcs » Sat Dec 15, 2012 12:23 am

How do you find posting of Material Receipt/Invoice (Vender) without Purchase Order but Matched with each other?

On creating new product in AD and set no cost to it, then make receipt of that product to store and create matched invoice:

1. No Cost record is created for that product
2. Material Receipt cannot be posted, because there is no cost…

If we make similar purchase of an existing product/product with some cost/, on posting the material receipt that old/recorded cost/ is used rather than the invoice price.

I found this case when using Average Invoice costing (but no PO).

In some organizations purchase without PO is common.
Thank you for consideration
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