Costing on MM Receipt / AP Invoice Done Under Different Orga

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Costing on MM Receipt / AP Invoice Done Under Different Orga

Postby jdcs » Tue Mar 20, 2012 3:03 am

Adempiere 361 /Revision 6208/+ LCO


Configuration: (1) Accounting Schema: Average Invoice @ Organization Level + a Moving Average Cost Element [Average Invoice/Material], (2) Product Category of Resources with Costing Method of Standard @ Client Level, (3) Product Category Commodities with No Special Costing Configuration. Product WH0101 is under the Resources Category while Product 102 is Under Commodities.

For the Resource WH0101 I set Two Cost Elements of Type Resource & Method Standard Costing with Sum of 1,500.
I created an AP Invoice @ Organization HQ with QTY =10 of Product 102 /Unit Price 620 / & QTY =2 of Resource Product WH0101 /Unit Price 2,000 /. From such AP Invoice I Generated Materials Receipts to a Warehouse under Organization SH. Finally Completed & Posted both AP Invoice & Materials Receipt as well as posted both lines of the Matched Invoice.

I. For Product 102, the Moving Average Cost Element is updated at Organization HQ <where invoice raised>but no cost implication found at where the product received i.e. Organization SH.

Cost Summary/Details

102 Cost Info.png
102 Cost Info.png (180.92 KiB) Viewed 2959 times

II. For the first time the System Introduced the Moving Average Cost Element to the Resource Product WH0101 creating the entry averaging with previous history thus having lower cost, i.e. the original cost is positive while the transaction results in negative average cost, that reduced the summary cost significantly [in this case -1,333.3333+1,500=166.6667

Cost Summary/Details

WH0101 Cost Info.png
WH0101 Cost Info.png (214.55 KiB) Viewed 2959 times

III. Accounting Fact: Product 102 has Zero Tax while WH0101 has Tax of 15%. Look at the Entry, Tax Credit A/R of 600 is Introduced due to Service Sales but the Accounts Payable of this is Summed up to the Accounts Receivable Trade that may need to be done on Accounts Receivable Service.

factentry.png (235.41 KiB) Viewed 2959 times

IV. Question: Is there a means to adjust cost of an item when it is transferred from one location to another mainly across organization, because I have such a case because an Item is purchase at one corner of the country then stored in warehouse of the same place, after weeks or months that item is transferred to other location where good market is sought. The cost of transfer is significant per unit ~ 3% to 5%.
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