Recommendation on HR Employee Window

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Recommendation on HR Employee Window

Postby jdcs » Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:47 am

In this Window the Employee represents a specific employment or assignment of an employee in the organization as that is the place where the organization, department … factors specified along side the start and end (optional) dates.

In some organization when a person is moved to other division it is required to retain the history and create a new one for the new location. However in HR/Payroll Module this is possible but the is some confusing factor on the UI. Please look at the changes done here.

PR Improved.jpg
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An “Employee” is associated to a Business Partner while “Attributes” are associate only to the “Employee”.

When the “Employee” is re-positioned the first “Employee” record will remain their but Active=NO, and the old attributes are unchanged. This configuration makes payroll computation safe as the person not located in two places even if the Start & End Dates forgotten to change.
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