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MProcessPara ORA-01733 bug, C-251g //Trifon

PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2005 7:40 pm
by red1
Change the last line below from null value to "U" (solution given by Trifon)
Otherwise u cannot create new parameter in the Report & Process window.
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public MProcessPara (Properties ctx, int AD_Process_Para_ID)
      super (ctx, AD_Process_Para_ID);
      if (AD_Process_Para_ID == 0)
      //   setAD_Process_ID (0);   Parent
      //   setName (null);
      //   setColumnName (null);
         setFieldLength (0);
         setSeqNo (0);
         setAD_Reference_ID (0);
         setIsCentrallyMaintained (false);
         setIsRange (false);
         setIsMandatory (false);
         setEntityType ("U");  // ---- was NULL, so will give null pointer error and ORA thinks its virtual column.