Cannot Copy Project Service - old bug in version 250d

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Cannot Copy Project Service - old bug in version 250d

Postby red1 » Wed Jul 28, 2004 11:45 am


public MProjectTypeTask[] getTasks()
ArrayList list = new ArrayList();
String sql = "SELECT * FROM C_Task WHERE C_Phase_ID=? ORDER BY SeqNo";
PreparedStatement pstmt = null;
pstmt = DB.prepareStatement(sql);
// Bug - Copy ProjectType does not copy phases/tasks
// Reason - The statement didnt look at phase level to begin
// Remedy - see statement as replaced by the next
// pstmt.setInt(1, getC_ProjectType_ID());
pstmt.setInt(1, getC_Phase_ID());

ResultSet rs = pstmt.executeQuery();

-- For those who are programmers, look up the above java source: org.compiere.model.MProjectTypePhase, and implement the comments (actually it involves replacing a statement, then recompile).
regards -- Red1 / solved by sureshquest (a bangalorian hacker!)
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