MInventoryLine - non-fatal (extra "C_" typo)

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MInventoryLine - non-fatal (extra "C_" typo)

Postby red1 » Thu Jul 22, 2004 8:09 pm

Bug Name : C_M instead of M
Impact : NON_FATAL - unable to coalese SQL value
Reason for Error : Typo guilty!! So are many million orhers..
Java Code : MInventoryLine.java
Package : org.compiere.model
Submitted : sourceforge/projects/compiere BUG Section
Submission Ref.No. :995867
Solution : delete the C_ below

protected boolean beforeSave (boolean newRecord)
log.debug ("beforeSave");
// Set Line No
if (getLine() == 0)
String sql = "SELECT COALESCE(MAX(Line),0)+10 AS DefaultValue FROM C_M_InventoryLine

================= REMOVE C_ ================
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