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iDempiere release 1.0.a Halloween Edition

PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 8:18 am
by red1
Yesterday Carlos Ruiz made the first official release numbering of iDempiere as v1.0.a Alpha and we decided to coin it the Halloween Edition due to the ghostly social occasion that was celebrated by lots of young people worldwide.

Direct links to the files are as follows:
Swing Client: Win 32, Linux 64, Mac 32
Server: Win 32, Linux 64, Mac 32

The iDempiere project is the big jump of ADempiere 360LTS over to the OSGi (Open Services Gateway Interface) framework which is based on Eclipse Equinox from IBM. Under Low Heng Sin as the main architect, iDempiere sees great enhancements and features particularly to the record id structure using UUID (Unique Universal Identifier), ZK Ajax user interface (for browser clients) enhancements such as versioning information in welcome screen, Master-Detail layout with direct click actions and shared toolbar, and higher and user friendly password control in both clients.

The ERP functionality side sees the incorporation of Fixed Assets from various contributors particularly Robert Klein, Teo Sarca, myself and Edwin Ang, Light Manufacturing from ADAXA, 2Pack import/export revamping by Heng Sin, who also gave his expert coding revamp for Average and Landed costing.

The project political wise is considered an exiled sub-project from the main ADempiere project when the present committee there removed our admin and shell control rights, does not recognise our work and opinion behind issues like proper code review and control process and particularly the stabllisation of the trunk. With new repositories such as,, and a mailing list in googlegroups, Main Twitter and technical twitter, iDempiere is growing its community afresh.

The project under the maintenance of Carlos Ruiz also see heavy investment from Trek Global of USA as well as continuous sponsorship by SYSNOVA, Bangladesh.

The direction of the project is again to deviate from what happened to Compiere and now ADempiere where centrist lethargic control with commercial interests can hamper serious developer interest and disrupt real technical growth. The project thus adopts Linus Torvalds, the founder of Linux philosophy and versioning called Git, using Bitbucket at Such philosophy means the project is a perpetual forking point for any other developer or project to have their own trunk and synchronise with the versions they trust. This also lends to a perfect business model where no one is branding or owning iDempiere but the individual groupings around it themselves. It is very in line with the meritocracy of contributors and protect such public domain from any possible future abuse as we see happening in such projects mentioned including Openbravo and OpenERP where dual licensing is occurring with code hiding and huge commercial fees introduced to sizable ERP implementations.

Even though technologically the iDempiere project is more superior than its siblings but the real value is in its continuous open freedom albeit anarchic bazaar condition which actually sees more harmony and fast growth. Such a symbiotic relationship between all interests for a fast evolving software development process that stretches across the globe via the Internet is already a long foregone conclusion of Eric Raymond, the famous author who coined the description in his book, "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" but i highly recommend you to read "The Magic Cauldron" instead.

A windows installer is also upgraded for the occasion.

Please join and continue supporting this public project as part of your business future using free ERP. With that we thank you together with the already many supporters around the world particularly Trek Global and Sysnova.

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Re: iDempiere release 1.0.a Halloween Edition

PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:25 am
by red1
A successful plugin sample is also done recently based on the Openbravo POS integration and you can read more about it here viewtopic.php?f=29&t=1713

Re: iDempiere release 1.0.a Halloween Edition

PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2013 10:26 pm
by red1
One latest idea now is to use this Installer and then run the following scripts right away:

1. Client Update From Daily Build

2. Server Update From Daily Build

Then go to your idempiere-server/utils/ and just RUN_ImportiDempiere.bat. It will import the latest database seed which has all migration scripts applied on daily basis!

Please report back if this works. Danke! Spasiba!