Software Development Procedure

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Software Development Procedure

Postby tbayen » Mon Dec 26, 2011 10:48 pm


I am using the adempiere361 branch from kenai. I played around a while and now I feel like it is time to do some coding of my own. I found a small bug in the Product Import Process and would like to contribute it and to become used to the contribution process. So I have two questions:

    a) How do I insert changes in the AD into my source tree?
    b) How is the best way to give my own patch back to the community?

I made my own thoughts about these points and want to tell my (partly) answers so you spare time explaining things I already know:

a) I can create a migration script by using the "log migration script" switch (according to ). What do I do with this script? In "migration/360lts.010-release" there are placeholders with unused numbers. Shall I use some of this numbers? How do I avoid conflicts with other developers?

b) I want to keep up with the development of the 361 branch (last change was 2011-11-19, is it still actual?). I would like to use my own branch and upload it to sourceforge, kenai or something. If I have a patch that is in my opinion ready to open to the world I can give you the url of my branch. Is this the right way? Is it better to extract a patch and send it to... where?

I read but I don't know how much the written principles apply to the 361 branch. I would like to connect as near as possible to the 361 branch to avoid friction.

Thanks, Thomas
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Re: Software Development Procedure

Postby red1 » Tue Dec 27, 2011 5:34 am

CODE: Just change the code and then do a right click > team > create (or export) patch. Send the patch to the tracker about the change (either you open one or use one already existing)

DB: Using Log Migration script. Again send to the respective tracker.

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Re: Software Development Procedure

Postby globalqss » Fri Dec 30, 2011 9:30 am

Thomas, the procedure for 361 is here:

As always, open for comments, suggestions and improvements.

About the generating migration scripts, to avoid conflicts on IDs, you must ask for a password to use it against the centralized ID server that I wrote ( ---> NOTE: 2pack big improvements made by Heng Sin on iDempiere will get rid off of this problem in future.

I used to manage those passwords and when asked I assigned password to anybody interested (is totally harmless) in less than 24 hours.

With the new administration seems like the process was politicized :-(
Kitti U asked for this password and AFAIR more than 10 months passed before assigned.

And as my last reading at this moment that password is given EXCLUSIVELY to developers, so, probably if you request that password you will be kindly invited (obliged?) to become an adempiere (not 361 neither idempiere) developer to get one.

So, my suggestion would be -> ask for developer ID password and please let me know if the password is not assigned, or you are compelled to something else.

Last time when Kitti U password was not given I offered to administer again the password assignment - and strangely after that the password was assigned :-)
As I'm the administrator of the domain we can set up a fairer not politicized server to give permissions, but I would do that just if they fail to manage it.


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Re: Software Development Procedure

Postby tbayen » Wed Jan 11, 2012 3:57 am

I got a password for the ID generator very fast. Thanks for the suggestion!

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