The Black Paper Trials

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The Black Paper Trials

Postby red1 » Tue Dec 08, 2015 12:44 pm

I written in Tokyo Japan middle of this year, which was translated 2 months ago when i was with my son touring Mexico
The idea there is followed up here with new findings and examples that will continue its highly educational value to ERP implementors to avoid the mentioned pitfalls or failed systems, due to bad coding or bad design or ignorance of best experience by those gurus who have been with the project since inception of Compiere in the early 2000s. (I got involved myself in 2003, then head the fork in 2006 and then resolving the big war end of 2011 for iDempiere to go forth. So today i am back to where i began - a historian with an attitude).

Few weeks ago, i stopped by the border of Germany with France to continue reviewing the good work of P that has almost resolved the separation of the mess caused by B. And as with each visit, we always made wondrous discovery. While i was asking P what more was not taken out of core, he points to one complicated internal surgery done by Bs to handle price list versions according to respective vendors and other criteria not present in the PriceListVersion regime of iDempiere. I then pointed out to him the VendorPriceBreak tab of PLV and he was surprised. Not only will it handle it well but it has been around since 2009 from ADempiere times! Poor client paid B to do something that is not needed and now the car engine is highly damaged as a result. Cleaning up needs even more time, effort and money. Double jeopardy.

Not only that, B has responded to their request for show cause by denying B's culpability, blaming back instead of not been notified in time to solve it. Aha! So B admits to the crime. But the rhetorical magic they are spinning now has no basis. There is documented proof that B was made aware for some time but once they collected their EUR1XX,XXX money, they shown no further interest to the hapless client with a crippled system. They are now throwing every rhetorical excuse possible to escape. I went through all related correspondence to ascertain the true level of communication and attitudes both sides. And up to date, B ceased communication with me once they found out what i found out. But the trial must go on, and justice must be served. The only way for a self made freedom fighter like me is to be an honest historian and give accounts as evidence are uncovered. I am not paid for this extra investigative work and i hope anyone who has evidence that my evidence is not good just feel free to post a reply below. I am always transparent. I have never been part of the problem and do not intend to be. So please stick to facts and not baseless rhetoric. In fact, i will eventually reveal emails, WhatsApps, conversations to give a 360 view. I will take my time, as i got a lot of day job to do. This is just a passionate hobby. For now.

Below are screenshots of B's work regarding the erroneous attempt at doing a VendorPriceBreak without realising that there already existed one. You can see how B has introduced yet more core changes into a core C_OrderLine tab. This also created inter-dependencies across the board as to now delete old records of C_OrderLine will need CASCADE DELETE of dependencies and that is not particularly easy for 2Pack to extract other works such as MetalCharges, WEEE and my new Alt-Orderlinetab to contribute them to fresh instances, as i found out when i tried extracting my own plugin from it. In fact i workaround by packing out only the Table-Column and stitch back the Sales Order window.

entangledcolumsOrderLine1.png (73.44 KiB) Viewed 4826 times
entangledcolumnsOrderLine2.png (52.78 KiB) Viewed 4826 times
CoreEntanglementIssue.png (77.14 KiB) Viewed 4826 times
CrossEntanglement.png (84.9 KiB) Viewed 4826 times
Below I show how my new model is not entangled in core. A separate tab that just indexed its parent cleanly.

OutputTabNotEntangled.png (53.12 KiB) Viewed 4826 times
This allows easy agile iteration such as throwing away the above POC and continue on a final improved concept. Here is one

OutputTabEasyMaintenance.png (54.47 KiB) Viewed 4826 times
Stay tuned. More excitement to come..
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