Jenkins Exercise - Step by Step

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Jenkins Exercise - Step by Step

Postby red1 » Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:22 pm

This is an exercise to summarise what you can do to operate the Jenkins server for a full scale ERP testing. You can try with a guest user login (please email me), or take this Jenkins config dump to restore at your own Jenkins. You can view this Youtube 4 minute movie to get some quick grasp.

A snapshot of the Jenkins dashboard:

jenkinssteps.png (126.5 KiB) Viewed 9525 times

You may have to wait for each step to complete before proceeding to the next.

STEP:1 adempiere361 Whenever there is a change in trunk, you can click on the rightmost icon of this.

STEP:2 Database job to drop the present PostgreSQL data, ImportAdempiere, and apply latest migration scripts from first job's trunk.

STEP:3 SilentSetup to restore the old properties and run setup of adempiere again

STEP:4 Server2 to launch the apps server at port 8088.

STEP:5 to see it running. You can browse through the links.

STEP:6 WebUITesting to access the Webstore, check the Tools Category, login into ZK Client, and complete a Sales Order.

STEP:7 TestAllUnits as the name suggests, does unit level Model class testing depending on the JUnits in extend/build.xml

STEP:8 PackageFixedAssets to test the Packages adding to ADempiere works - applying any module new scripts, and running silentsetup again.

STEP:9 TestFixedAssets tests the newly Packaged FixedAssets.

STEP:10 NewProductCosting is more interesting because you can test it where it will give some errors as it is checking for PO commitment accounting consequence during a PO of a new product. Just go to the ZK UI to login into GardenWorld and set the Accounting schema PO commitment only and return to see the test again, this time without errors.

STEP:11 GermanLocalisation tests the latest German language importing. You can then browse STEP 5 to login the activated language. You may need to perform some more language synchronising steps (Refer to wiki).

COMING SOON (under construction):
I have done JUnit test (see movie) for Openbravo POS and will incorporate other GUI tests for 2012 roadmap. This needs a more proper investigation of a proper JUnit plugin into Jenkins, which at the moment not entirely straightforward as there are a number of different approaches.
The OpenbravoPOS JUnit test launches OpenbravoPOS from scratch and synch with a remote ActiveMQ service. This test works in local testing.

- 2012 Roadmap
*Preliminary - We have to resolve the anxiety and uncertainty of CarlosRuiz361 branch when i go to Bogota next month (January 4th). The appearance of it is that we will jump straight to iDempiere pending a first test release soon.
*Documenting the migration steps to the pending iDempiere 1.0
*This include documenting iDempiere 1.0 itself
*Setting up an OSGi testing model (this again need more research)
*Functional testing roadmap for accounting and materials engines. This requires alot of detailing into fine business logic particularly for the costing engine.
*Basic core JUnit GUI testing of Main Menu functions - login into Java Client from Start and the common menu and utils operations
**Similar for ZK Ajax Main Menu functions
*DocBook help content - the present content is very lacking and many end user frustration occurs
*Expanding the OpenbravoPOS integration killer app. It has to be a more proper fork with a more ADempiere-like client model incorporating CRM, replicating database content of Business Partners and Transaction History.
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Re: Jenkins Exercise - Step by Step

Postby red1 » Thu Dec 22, 2011 9:17 am

The 2 movies linked above are also put up in my repo. The sourcecode for FixedAssets (removed Romanian terms), its Fitnesse testing and OpenbravoPOS Integration testing are in the Small Projects section of the SVN.
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