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Std Costing - No Variance

PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2011 12:15 am
by red1
I am now starting to test a series of Std Cost scenarios. This first one is about a GardenWorld product 'Oak' but i purposely set the price to the cost price so as not to affect any variance. This test is to prove if it succeeds without one.
Version used is Carlos Ruiz's 361 in Kenai. All migration scripts applied. Commitment Type manually set to PO, Periods for current month, April 2011 opened and Costing Method is Standard Cost. A tracker also raised to resolve null trxName.

The 'Purchase Receipt' transaction is both a purchase and material receipt. Then an Invoice Vendor is issued. A Credit Sales is a Sales Order with Shipment at the same time. The product cost for Oak is $24 for material element.


Here is the output from the logger to indicate there is no exception or error due to the testing.


Fitnesse test code and story script for this is commited to SVN in SF.