Manufacturing In A Nutshell

Libero Demystification. There is also the need to bring Manufacturing into mainstream ERP. Bring in via OSGI plugin or patches? How to ensure it is stable and backward compatible?
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Manufacturing In A Nutshell

Postby red1 » Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:07 pm

The following describes the functionality in the minimal sense. There are more sophistication to it which we will only go in after grasping this level of use.

Manufacturing is about producing goods from raw materials. It defines what is to be done, who or what is doing it, how and where it is to be done, when it will be finished and at what costs. It involves a production schedule as there are starting and ending time durations to make such goods. The raw materials to produce it are defined.

At the heart of the Manufacturing System is the Manufacturing Order. In Libero Manufacturing, which is an add-on to Compiere and ADempiere ERP, the MO (Manufacturing Order) is Drafted during the Calculate Material Plan (CMP). What happens during the CMP is to detect if there is a demand for internally produced goods as opposed to externally purchased ones.

It knows that by looking at the Sales Order which is a commitment to deliver a product to a customer. It checks if that material is in stock and calculates what is the shortfall and its promised date to deliver it.

It refers to the product's BOM (Build of Materials) which defines the raw materials used in producing the product. This BOM breakdown together with the shortfall can be seen in the MRP Info window as supply MOs.

Is there further information besides the definition of the BOM? What about the activity that happens during production, what plant machinery or resources are used, and in what sequence or conditions do each activity happens? We start the pre-planning more generally in a Product Planning Data window.

There is more finer production schedule analysis at the Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP) window. The available resources' schedules from Manufacturing Workflows can be calculated Forward from the first Start Date to get to the final Finish Date in the MO. Or it can be done Backward from the last Finish Date to get the Start Date.

Now, when is it time to really do the production process? When do we act out the activity defined? After the CMP, we proceed by executing the Planned Order Approval to prepare the MOs which result in their status changed to In Progress mode. During this preparation process, the raw materials needed are noted to make the necessary purchase or aquisition. The final Qty Reserved is calculated, eventually to become Qty Delivered when the MO completes later. Now the MO's are approved for direct work from the shopfloor.

Various shopfloor activities are tracked via PickList, Workflow, and Machinery tools listings issued by the Print & Release Order window.

Now we come to the process of Order Receipt & Issue, where the raw materials are consumed and issued to the MO for completion.

The Manufacturing Order window goes for final Complete and costed under Standard Costing method. The final Qty Delivered will clear the Qty Reserved and bring it into stock and show up as Quantity In Hand for the Sales Order to commence its Shipment process.

A summary of the above in chronological order:
1. Sales Order - promising to deliver some goods to a customer
2. Calculate Material Plan - drafting of Manufacturing Order for insufficient stocks of the goods.
3. Capacity Requirements Planning - to calculate final schedule of the production process (based on Product Planning Data and Manufacturing Workflows)
4. Planned Order Approval - which puts the Manufacturing Order into In-Progress status.
5. Order Receipt & Issue - process
6. Manufacturing Order - completion

The test plan for the above is underway in the Quality Assurance forum.
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Re: Manufacturing In A Nutshell

Postby red1 » Thu Mar 31, 2011 7:39 am

I have finished some working test plan and posted further thots to ... ic/4437035
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