Would you like to join team learning on Manufacturing Module

Libero Demystification. There is also the need to bring Manufacturing into mainstream ERP. Bring in via OSGI plugin or patches? How to ensure it is stable and backward compatible?
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Would you like to join team learning on Manufacturing Module

Postby PeanutBlake » Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:59 pm

Would you like to join team learning on Manufacturing Module?

Manufacturing Module - ADempiere Team Learning 01



* The Manufacturing Module integrated in ADempiere is a proven function in real cases. This is distinctive in open source ERPs.
* But it is very difficult to learn due to lack of documents and the complexity of manufacturing itself. It really frustrates lots of people who wish to learn it and use in their real cases.
* However, if we are united, through team learning, we will do it easier and faster.


* This project is to form a team to carry out systematic learning on ADempiere's Manufacturing Module.
* This project will have 2 teams.
o Chinese Team.
+ Chinese team has been created, team learning has been processing.
+ See here for details - Manufacturing Module - Team Learning - Chinese Team ( written in Chinese, you can read it by Google Translate
o International Team.
+ This team will use English.
* The two teams will operate separately.

Time line

* Current phase: Team member sign up.
* Team Learning will start when we have 4 team members, hope we can start around Mar 2011.
* Project created: Jan 03, 2011.

How to Participate

* If you want to join the team, you can sign up below or sent an email to peanutblake <at> yahoo. com.
o At least 4 hours per week is required, for team learning and self-directed learning.
* If you don't want to join the team, you can also participate in these ways:
o Writing down your comments on wiki pages under the Let's Discuss column.
o Writing an email to discuss. Currently is peanutblake <at> yahoo. com.

Roles in Team

1. Teacher:1~2 person. In charge of giving guidance for team learning.
2. Coordinator:1 person. In charge of co-ordination.
3. Theory Analyzer:1~2 person. In charge of analysis and deep study in manufacturing theory.
4. Function Analyzer:2~3 person. In charge of function usage and testing.
5. Code Analyzer:2~3 person. In charge of code analysis.
6. Translator:1~2 person. In charge of translation between English and Chinese.


* Purpose:Master ADempiere's Manufacturing Module and apply it in real case.
* Scope:Core functions of ADempiere Manufacturing Module.
* Strategy:
1. Combining theory and practice. So that you can both know how and know why.
2. Combining function and case study. We learning the functions with a case study.
3. Focusing on core function. Don't waste to much time on unimportant function or development. Otherwise it will make this project too long to control.
4. Coincide Environment. For example, some functions may be different between version 3.5.4a and 3.6.0LTS.

Coincide Environment

* ADempiere ERP: Version 3.6.0LTS.
* JVM: sun-java-1.6.0.
* Operation System: suggest to use Linux, reducing trouble from virus or Trojan.
* Database: suggest to use PostgreSQL 8.0 or above.


* Duration: 40 weeks.
* Scheme Discussion: 2~3 weeks.
Phase 1-Manufacturing Theory

* Manufacturing Theory. 8 weeks
o Basic terminology: Item, BOM, workflow, ...
o Core module: MPS, MRP, CRP, ...

Phase 2-Basic Function of Manufacturing Module

* General scope on ADempiere's Manufacturing Module. 2 weeks
* Engineering Management. 6 weeks
o BOM. 2 weeks
o Resource. 2 weeks
o Manufacturing Workflow.2 weeks
* Production Management. 4 weeks
o Manufacturing Order

Phase 3-Planning Management of Manufacturing Module

* Planning Management.8 weeks
o Product Planning. 1 week
o Forecast. 1 week
o Material Requirement Planning. 3 weeks
o Capacity Requirement Planning. 2 weeks
o Distribution Resource Planning. 1 week

Phase 4-Other Functions of Manufacturing Module

* Distribution Management. 4 weeks.
* Quality Management. 2 weeks
* Standard Costing Management. 4 weeks

Suggested Reading

1. Production and Operation Analysis - Sixth Edition. Stevn Nahmias.
2. Libero - General list.
3. Libero-MFG-alpha User Manual. Nice manual in PDF format.
4. A Step by Step Guide to Libero Manufacturing. from Kittiu.
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