Tell me one thing Manufacturing can do?

Libero Demystification. There is also the need to bring Manufacturing into mainstream ERP. Bring in via OSGI plugin or patches? How to ensure it is stable and backward compatible?
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Tell me one thing Manufacturing can do?

Postby red1 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:30 pm

Well, for a start it is supposed to be able to generate Manufacturing Orders (MO) whenever your stock is below par or insufficient to fulfill your sales order.
An MO tells your factory to produce such an order rather than requisition it from outside. Not only that. An MO details out the Build of Materials or BOM children or components within that Product to be produced. It has an attached workflow telling what steps to take to produce it, where or which assembly line its done, and what time duration such steps will consume. That means keeping track of the most important aspect of manufacturing which is scheduling.

Such relationships are pre-defined in the Product Planning window.
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