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I m FORKING my own Forum

PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 9:55 am
by red1 ... rking.html

Yep, i m so taken in by this fad, that i m forking to a new corner, away from that other debate that takes 3 hours to go thru, and may not interest anyone who just wana fork for the sake of forking.

Well, above is the link that i found via that makes very interesting reading and may i quote the opening remark from there
I noticed some puzzled faces when Nick[3] did his presentation on licences at a Brown Bag session, and talked about the right to fork source code. He pointed out that the right to start your own mutant version of any open source project (which is what we mean by "forking") is an important safeguard. He and I both stressed that the absence of that right in Sun's "SCSL" (Sun Community Source Licence), used for Java, Jini, and (potentially) Solaris[4] and Star Office is what prevents SCSL from being genuinely open source. (Borrowing a term from Eric S. Raymond, I called SCSL projects "viewable source".)

Sounds contradictory, right? OK, here's the quick and dirty answer. The detailed one comes later:

Linux won't fork because the fork-er has to do too much work for no payoff: Any worthwhile improvements he makes will be absorbed into the main branch, and his fork will be discarded/ignored as pointless.
The above happens with Linux, even though it hasn't with earlier projects, because of the effect of Linux's source-code licence.
This makes up my mind that we go GPL, coupled by the belief that Adempiere is gonna be so strong that the commercial atractiveness of Apache 2 isn't needed.

- my borrowed 2 pence.