Do you use Compiere in the University ERP project?

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Do you use Compiere in the University ERP project?

Postby rvergara » Sun Sep 03, 2006 11:33 pm


I have implemented Compiere in an educational institute (preparation for university type of institute). It has been a very successful project, so successful that the owners of this institute when acquiring a university asked us to implement Compiere there and develop an academic system (register of teachers, students, curriculum mesh, grades, etc) as an integrated enhancement of Compiere.

When I joined your forum I noticed that you have done quite a lot of development in this area. I have been reading posting and info about your project, however I can not understand if you used Compiere as a base or OfB, or may be both?. If you used Compiere, in what areas you used it as a base code for the development?

Thanks for your info

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Postby red1 » Mon Sep 04, 2006 10:36 am

Hi Ramiro,
Thanks for your inquiry. I certainly enjoy talking about what i have been involved in.

University ERP is the brainchild of Shamsul Bahrin of Infusion Malaysia, and they are the original IP holder of the software. I was engaged 2005 by them to make it Open Source and thats why u see many codes bearing their name, and they are succesfully implementing it in various institutions in Malaysia.

Since then i have myself developed some further modules such as the Bursary, Sponsorship, FIFO payments, more reporting and enhancement of the Library System.

Its entirely not related to Compiere modules nor architecture. University ERP or we call it Mecca (Modular Enterprise Component Collaboration Architecture) for fun, has all its tables defined in MYSQL, uses Shamsul's own created simpler portal framework, and many simple but advanced handlers such as the SQLRenderer which makes SQL handling much easier.

However since i know both models now, i have succesfully created a Mecca UI layer into Compiere so that i can extend Compiere but using the Velocity web-based versatility.

I have extended Compiere this way for BOM Tree View and Production Queue Floor management. The present project i m doing is extending Compiere's CRM to the IP PBX Telephony DashBoard (pls see the Workshop forum for insight into it).

I will soon publish a paper on how i did the Velocity extension. Basically it calls the same java objects from Compiere so as to fully reuse the Model layer of Compiere, i.e. the Setters/Getters. Where i need to add model logic i follow Neil Gordon's advice of extending the original Java in local package and add the methods.

So to answer your query, it will mean rewriting University ERP this way.
1) Port the tables into Compiere's Oracle,
2) Reuse Velocity framework UI for University modules
3) Do some integration of table fields such as student_id = C_BPartner_ID

I might pop up some more issues when i can mentalise further down the road. Just that i havent really tot of it.
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