iZeno BV (powered by Compiere) goes Open Source

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iZeno BV (powered by Compiere) goes Open Source

Postby buysellplatform » Thu Oct 20, 2005 11:45 pm

Hi All,

iZeno BV(powered by Compiere) is free for all to download and testing.

Go to www.izeno.com.sg/bv for more details on this enhanced version of Compiere 2.51g.

Highlight of this enhanced version is the Cost alloction processor which support FIFO costings and Average Costing in a accurate manner.

Other enhancements includes the following:

Quick Pick (which allows users to search for items by locator by attribute instance and copy multiple items to shipments).

Advanced Material Transaction - This is a new form which is similar to material transaction but shows summary of balance by products.

Sales Margin Reports - this match the delivery COGS against the selling price.

Inventory Aging report - This works with the costing processor which allocates the material transactions by dates and costing rules. The products are aged according to the selected report dates.

We'll be most glad to answer your queries.

Our discussion forum: www.compiere.com.sg/forum
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