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Introducing OpenXpertya

PostPosted: Thu Sep 15, 2005 4:55 pm
by lofx
Hi everyone!!!

After working extensively with Compiere and many other OS ERP solutions for more than two years now (i hope we have proved some of this here and there ;) ) our firm, located in Spain, has released openXpertya.
openXpertya is an Open Source ERP solution, based in compiere and many other different solutions already in the market, and specially tuned (in these first releases) for the Spanish and South American market.
The solution with its source code its available for download at

I am sorry to say that presently the web page of the project, as well as the documentation is only in Spanish, but soon the translation into English will be available.
All users at the bazaar interested in using this solution internationally are really welcome.

I want to publicly thank red1 for the help and support he is showing with this project, and i hope that with this new project we can add something really valuable to the Open Source Community.

Best Regards,