Why would anyone wana learn Open Source? Reply to F

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Why would anyone wana learn Open Source? Reply to F

Postby red1 » Sun Jul 17, 2005 9:03 am

Here i have a friend posing a private msg to me on how appealing is my passion to a layperson:
I viewed your http://red1.org/barn/others/red1graduate.ppt on red1.org and had a few questions. How does one gain from promoting this? It seems more toward finding people who want to learn to work with open source systems and its coding. I am not that curious about that stuff.
- F

Thats a very gud question and a challenge to my political skills ;) *hehe*; i like to say that its only one way i make a living, which is training others to go for my skillsets.
Now, about finding a common ground, i think there is a particular ground i see for u:
I m merely addressing a huge potential that present itself in the present era of cyberage where the job-employment market is turning on its head. You either work as a waiter and drives a BMW or work as an OS subject matter specialist in your own right. That may or may not gives u a BMW but it gives u a passion that been a waiter IMHO does not.
Now been an OS subject matter person means u stick to your own knitting, be it HowTo Find Nutritious Food In Your Backyard or Howto Lose Weight While Stuck To The TV, and u extend your core interest with some promotional material. Previously it was picking up webmastering skillsets and build your own website so that u dont have to pay an editor and a publicist as well as get to practice your expressions anytime, anyhow, anyway. But today the cyberspace is getting filled with tremendous tools that allow u to build a complete supply chain in it, so this is where the bar has move another notch up, so to speak.
Its like previously u have to learn how to drive. U must have hated it, been skillfully oppressed by your companion seating next to u. Its been knowledge that determines a person's worth and competitive standing.
But today even been skillful at writing and English and your subject matter doesnt guarantee been free from becoming an employed slave your whole life.
Thus i m making a statement about been free, been entrepreneurial. Now, how do u do that? U can do tons of part time jobs, but try them and u will see that they involved alot of stuff that does take away your energy and doesnt retain back.
Now in this OS community we are
1) Ganging together cos we save money learning from each other without paying for classes and other costs.
2) We extend our sphere of influence collectively as the brand of OS apps grow stronger
3) As the market becomes aware of the demand for DIY apps and selfhelp implementation, we stand to earn lots of paid human-hours.

Actually that ppt was directed to the govt that has spent millions in ringgit to try to retain our young, and we know that they are in dire need of a better idea. If u can help market it personally to your boss, u stand to be free from now on - earning and making retraining ppl your business (one of the potential offshoots).

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