request for comment on a Compiere partner

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request for comment on a Compiere partner

Postby red1 » Wed Apr 06, 2005 8:12 am

(i removed any reference to any commercial enterprise to avoid commercial issues)

Hi User,
Thanks for your mail and honour of counting on my opinion.
However i cannot state any information of a commercial importance as i m strictly on my own OS policy (stated at the bottom of my, which basically for good or bad, i cannot comment on other ppl's commercial performance directly. But i can comment on information and the principal purveyor of the OS software namely ComPiere and your comments itself for the importance of the community.

About evaluating the software, sure its good and i will add, damn good. But the catch is warranty and risk in using the software. As there are creeping bugs (normal in a developer's and what more, OS life).

Thus its wise that either u be a partner of the maker, i.e. ComPiere Inc partnership program or supported by one, and evaluate that partner based on track record and be community minded. Since u re doing that, i am confident of your eventual success.

I am accepting your request to post this message so that others may add on this. Freedom of Information accelerates success.

Best Regards,

> Red1,
> I appologize for sending you an email and not
> posting this question on the message board but I
> wanted you to be able to be completely honest with
> regards to a consulting group/ developer we are
> considering inmplementing Compiere/OpenBlue with.
> We are located in Southern California, USA and we
> have contacted XXXX
> (company name withheld) regarding an
> implementation of Compiere.
> Since you are obviously an active member in the
> Compiere Community, I was hoping you may have run
> across the guys at XXXX and could offer
> positive or negative feedback. Our experience thus
> far has been positive.
> We have installed the Windows Oracle/Compiere Garden
> World Demo on our end, bought the docs from
>, and the software appears suffient to
> our need and in many cases superior to other
> products we have evaluated (SAP's Business ONe,
> MApics Syteline, MAS 200/500, etc).
> Your feedback is greatly appreciated,
> User
(company name withheld)
> P.S. If you have only positive information regarding
> the guys at XXXX, I would be more than
> happy to have you repost this message for others
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