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Regarding Redundance (In Forums Postings)

PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2005 8:03 pm
by lofx
Hi all!!!!

this is more like a piece of advice.....................i hope no one feels offended......................

Posting the same topic in several forums does not make you more visible, as most of the gurus (that does not include myself, i am not a guru and i do it, so imagine what they do), and specially the kind souls ready to answer doubts such as my friend our nice host mr red1, monitor all forums and keep the forum pages open and refreshed all day............
This means we are reading you posts twice or three times, deleting them from our inboxes and taking twice the time to answer.
When i want somebody to answer a post i just invite them to do so (mr red1, i invite you to answer this post and tell me off because of not minding my own business), after all, this is a community of friends and if you stay around time enough get to know everybody else......................

This all means we are ready and willing to help, just make it as faster as possible.......................

Cheers and Happy Developing,


PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2005 10:01 am
by red1
Hi Lofx,
Yes u re right! I have deleted those posts here.
I have informed those concern before but they repeat such actions and make it irritating for us that are already doing this on a voluntary basis.

They also been advised by common sense that 'information is free' but 'people are not' and 'contributors are priceless'.

Thus if any1 require urgent or valuable advice, they have to be negotiated professionally meaning they have to prepare a budget for it.

This also ensures that their cost of ownership remains manageable instead of urgent firefights that costs more in the long run.

About getting professional services, one should consult ComPiere Inc,USA, the rightful principal and 'owner' of Compiere, and its certified Partners. As the support given by them is not only professional, but carries the integrity of their namesake and vendor warranty and service level agreement.

And lets say that u are not satisified with ComPiere and instead prefer to refer to me and even offer to pay me, it is at your own risk of choice to depend on me instead of the principal. I may offer better service in your eyes, but think about the benefits versus costs that you are after. To many people insurance is more costly. I have touched on this in various articles and posts and its professional and conventional IT practice that make that final choice. Usually its thru an RFP risk analysis metrics.

In final analysis, IT project undertaking is not a painless process, and it requries a combination of expert professionals to make it happen. But the Project Manager must him or herself be one first.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2005 3:10 am
by afalcone
I coincide extensively with its comments.
I suppose that the people should think that if puts the same topic in various forums, will receive answer but quickly.
Surely will be a question of education. ... bad better education said. :?


Coincido ampliamente con sus comentarios.
Supongo que la gente deberá pensar que si pone el mismo tópico en varios foros, recibirá respuesta mas rápidamente.
Seguramente será una cuestión de educación.... mala educación mejor dicho. :?