Compiere oO Compiere- - really open topic?

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Compiere oO Compiere- - really open topic?

Postby mir_shajahan » Fri Feb 18, 2005 12:36 am

Hai Red1,
still remember me? talking about compiere, reports, jasperreports and integrations?

So, I am back to your forum again.. I am sure anyone with intouch with compiere will be intouch with too? Well get to my topics...

Compiere oO Compiere.

Note: Purpose: To seek ur advice

For your information, I started compiere August 2004 and now its already Feb 2005. As many told me that I can master (not sifu as u lah. just junior master) compiere with-in three month.. but now its already three months? Went I look back and evaluate my self, I think I failed.

until now, I am only good at basic installing java, oracle, compiere and skills to tweak the Application dictionary like creating new table/view, window, create new reports process and etc. But until now I am still struggling with compiere system flow, especially the accounting of compiere. I just feel very hard to understand, but I do understand the basic accounting which I learn from school days. But compiere accounting is far too good for me to cope?

Another thing that cause me to stuck with limited scope of compiere is, I been assign a special task and I only focus on that task. I left out others? Damm me...

Now I am suffering alot.. why I still dont understand compiere fully.... I still remember when I ask my partner to teach me eclipse, slowly we start and quickly we stop because the compiere project moving forward and no time to teach or learn. But I dont think, I should use that excuse to avoid my self from learning the eclipse and other tools such as toads.

Why am i writing to you, just to drop down some burden on me, and take some good advice from you..

Luckily I have red most of the apprentice forum, and others and find some answer for my self.

So I quote some of ur text for my guides.

“Today Java programming doesnt limit itself to Java. There are so many stuff integrated to it. Otherwise u are just skilled to put the bottle cap on the bottle in a factory. U cannot hold the bottle nor label it. “ [url]
I was, (was) actually good in java programming, but after long time did have contact with that language, I lost most my memories with that language. When I start with compiere project, and my boss say I might have to do some programming in java, I told him sure can. But now after open the compiere source, wow.. that not what I have been thought. In learning days, the most I used notepad editor or editplus to create java code. It was simple and easy. But now using eclipse, just punishing me… but no matter how, I have to master the eclipse to.. so here I make a promise to myself and you, that I will be familiar and able to do some debugging with eclipse on compiere source with in three months. ( hope I can update you when I done that).

“Do What is Important - Not what is Urgent “ [url]
Now, I can answer my boss with these quotes …

Dear, red1, I am sorry if I post this thing in this forum, and I guess I have no where to post it else too.. I know you will give me some advice.. and may be hard.. but I will take it seriously…

Thank you for time reading this…


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