Real Life Compiere Deployment Exp

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Real Life Compiere Deployment Exp

Postby azaharizaman » Fri Dec 03, 2004 3:31 pm

Hi there.

I now that there are alot of people out there from all sorts of business background are using compiere and deploying it somewhere, somehow. This can range from normal business manners, where most of the customization/jobs are actually taking out the functionality of compiere that is not needed, and mere make-up of the compiere, (in terms of looks, arrangements of menus, layout of fields and etc ).

But apart from this, there are alot of people, IT representatives, System Analysts, and Accountants who are trying to pull out the best that Compiere can gives. This may include tweaking the current functions to work and behave as wanted, or creating a new portion that will be an addition to what Compiere currently have. And such works needs more than just installation and deployment. If these knowledge ( Compiere Deployment project management, customization mgmt, team/works collaboration, handling and tending customers needs and requirements ) can be share, I believe, the our Compiere community can improve and making Compiere more widely use. This can also help people who are still looking at streamlining Business through ERP/CRM Solution, less hectic, less scared and more confidence in adopting Compiere.

So if you guys out there have any experiances, we can share it here...hehehe...and hopefully we can all learn from each other.

Thank you
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Extending Compiere beyond its ERP/+CRM Software

Postby azaharizaman » Tue Feb 22, 2005 5:54 pm

Hi there.

Im currently working on a project to implement Compiere on one of the Local company in Malaysia. The system will be deployed into their account department and will serve as a normal Accounting Software. At first I thought (and the accountant too) Compiere will serve it well, so we proceed with the deployment of Compiere. With the help of a programmers team from Kuala Lumpur, we manage to get the job half way through. We are currently still working on that project. But the requirements set by the client seem to have extend Compiere beyond its so-called-customizable capability, but still we proceed. Up to this day, we have manage to get most of the job done and some major customization is still under construction.

this is my (and my mate) first experiance implementing Compiere on a real Company since i knew Compiere late 2003. Honestly i think there are a lot of places down that project implementation lane that we might have done better, but it will be too late now to reverse back to that point ( since there are too many due dates here and there ). So the best thing to do now is to get the system up and running on time.

Some of the major scope of the project are listed below

1) To create a project portion to monitor construction based projects, as well as manage subcontractors (claims, payments of claims, workdone, commited work, subcontractors resources ), manage project client ( interim payments, claim to client ), construction project budgeting ( tight integration and restriction on transactions againts budgeted amount), Project based billing, invoicing, payments and GL where all related project transactions must be picked up in the Project GL, Project P&L, and Project Budget or Cost Control.

2) To deliver the system as a normal ERP system to support office overhead expenses, to maintain close relationship with customers and suppliers and to generate accounting entries and reports from those entries to simplyfy decision making.

I do hope that more of the red1 forum member can share their experiance with any COmpiere projects they are currently or finished implementing so that we can learn from each other and can actually benifits from that and think of a better way on how we can make Compiere better in the future..

ps: Compiere to my personal view is a good solid application for accounting purpose, but to extend it beyong that scope will require a thorough studies in terms of business flows and also in terms of the application backend.
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Postby buysellplatform » Fri Oct 21, 2005 12:06 am

Hi All,

Compiere deployment is really hardwork because there's so many loose ends to tie.....from costings to accounting print reports.....and the most tedious part is to ensure the users are well trained and avoid data entry errors!

But it's all worth it.

our company iZeno Pte Ltd manage to roll out 4 Compiere deployments this year, including one of the public listed company in Singapore.

Each deployment took around 3-6 months to complete and tied all transaction balances.

These projects are for distributors and manufacturers. We are in the process of implementing for a local telecom that requires complex billing engine, CRM and provisioning.

The result of this tedious process is display in our in-house version of Compiere 2.51g - iZeno BV. ( which is free for all to download.

For more details:
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Some pointers

Postby neilg » Fri Mar 10, 2006 10:35 am

For your projects - an experienced java guy will know this - don't modify the source code directly just override the classes you want to modify using the classpath and the same package name then reference the jars.

Compiere (at least <252d) discourages database normalization. Don't fall into the trap and allow your database to become denormalized it is bad practice.
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