java applications slow down to a crawl on Linux - SOLUTION

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java applications slow down to a crawl on Linux - SOLUTION

Postby neilg » Wed Jul 13, 2005 9:52 pm

This is an oldie but still a favourite.

One day all of sudden things start getting weird. VMWare slows down to a snails pace and certain java apps take 30 x longer to startup.

Well its caught me before and wasted my time, and it caught me again today and wasted more time. So here it is posted in the hope that it saves someone else some hair-pulling:

In your /etc/hosts file there MUST be an entry(one and only one) as follows:

Code: Select all   localhost localhost.localdomain myPcName

One day the linux network admin tool (neat) just decides you would be better of without it or decides its own version works better and you're left high and dry.

Usually I copy my /etc/hosts fiile to /etc/hosts.bk just after I've modified it, cos often there are hiccups. Its also a great file to add to your list of files to backup.

To summarise: If things start getting really , really slow on your PC - it might just be a networking issue. Seems counter-intuitive. Check the networking first (change of host names, localhost missing,etc). Start the program from the command line and watch the output.
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