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how to redeploy serverApps ear

PostPosted: Fri Mar 04, 2005 3:48 am
by mrojas
hi everybody, this is my first post, so hope it is not a silly one :)

we are developing some web modules integrated into compiere with jsp/struts, al of our code is into the serverApps directory (maybe it is not the right way?) and until 251f all i have to do was redeploy my app into the running server was to compile serverApps, copy the generated war to the lib directory of compiere, generate the ear and copy to the deployment directory, and ready, i got the changes in my app

but since 252 the former procedure didn't work, i have compile serverApps, copy the war to lib, run setup and start jboss again, so the development/testing process is quite slow

there is a way to do a redeployment without stoping, setup, and starting again

thanks in advance

ps. sorry for the fractured english :)