JRs on client, server or nfs?

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JRs on client, server or nfs?

Postby marlom9000 » Fri Dec 03, 2004 4:04 pm

I try the JR implementation of Peter Shen, and I found it great.
As I said below it seems the better implementation, however I ask him on his project forum and decide to post the same message also here to get feedbacks.

Regards, the message follows....

i'm looking in these days at your very good integration of JR in the server side.
I'm proposing a discussion about the perfect implementation :-)

Because Compiere works even w/ the server why put reports there? But if you don't you are not able to use Java WebStart.
And the last solution is to put them into the jar but you have to recompile each time you develop a new report.

It seems to me that the perfect solution is to use the server side implementation because it would be worthwhile move more and more functionality on the server. So let's start to move the report server!

In the middle there is to implement both: first check for report on the client, to help developers to develop the report locally, if the report do not exist locally request it on the server, where probably the same developer has moved the report once tested :-)

Any idea to design the "perfect solution" is appreciated.

Also I want to ask if I could include it into the "Compiere tested by Compilo". I know it is under MPL anyway better to ask in these cases ;-))


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