Making a simple invoice-Report (tutorials, manuals,pointers)

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Making a simple invoice-Report (tutorials, manuals,pointers)

Postby mhafod » Tue Aug 22, 2006 1:02 pm


May be someone can shed some light about the process of getting an invoice printed according to some pre-specified layout.

I already went through the manual but the info there is really unhelpful.

What are the exact steps to follow in order to customize an invoice, purchase order etc ...

I am already familiar with Oracle Reports and my experience with Compiere as a whole is getting very bad as there is a lack of good tutorials, manuals etc ...

At any rate, I will appreciate helpful pointers( good tutorial) about making a custom invoice and if there is a way to use Pentaho or Jasper (with the JAVA client).

No need to say that I spent a lot of time googling the topic but nothing substantial came out.

Last hope is that one of the partners can post some of their step by step procedures.


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