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Due invoices

PostPosted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 6:46 am
by daniel_kepler
Hi, long time i disapear from the forum...
I need that Compiere send me and email when an invoice is in due time (out of payment date). In the first time i looked in the Request feature but it's complicate me because is an customer feature a not clear to me a user feature. When the server starts, it send me an email to tell me that it starts well...something like that i need....any sugestions??...Thanks

PostPosted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 10:40 am
by red1
U shuld follow the User Manual on the Request Module. I also touched on it in the Compiere Workshop for Telephony Integration.

In the Bpartner window there shuld be somewhere where u set notification by EMAIL besides NOTICE or BOTH.