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Financial Report to display Transaction Date

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2005 6:45 am
by red1
Financial Report can now display Transaction Date. See
User can turn off that column by clicking on its PrintFormat and deactivate it and move it around as needed.

DateTrx is from Fact_Acct table and is only displayed in report by checking the List Sources box during printing.

Steps to install this feature:

1) Change as in code reference below.

2) Add field:
a)DBEditor>T_Report > DateTrx

Code: Select all
   //   Set Name,Description  red1 - DateTrx
      String sql_select = "SELECT e.Name, fa.Description, fa.DateTrx "  //TODO red1
         + "FROM Fact_Acct fa"
         + " INNER JOIN AD_Table t ON (fa.AD_Table_ID=t.AD_Table_ID)"
         + " INNER JOIN AD_Element e ON (t.TableName||'_ID'=e.ColumnName) "
         + "WHERE r.Fact_Acct_ID=fa.Fact_Acct_ID";
      //   Translated Version ...
      sql = new StringBuffer ("UPDATE T_Report r SET (Name,Description,DateTrx)=(")  //TODO red1
         .append(sql_select).append(") "
         + "WHERE Fact_Acct_ID <> 0 AND AD_PInstance_ID=")
      no = DB.executeUpdate(sql.toString());
         else if (ColumnName.equals("DateTrx")) //red1
            if (pfi.getSeqNo() != 25)
            if (!pfi.isPrinted())
            if (pfi.isOrderBy())
            if (pfi.getSortNo() != 0)

*Note that this Balance Sheet PrintFormat seems to be a standard template and we can create others and assign to Financial Report window.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2006 8:30 am
by red1
Now we can also do for BPartner too.

I have included BPartner, but even toh seting in Sort Tab and Group By in Format Item, i still cant get it to group; thus it display the extra BPartner info as the DateTrx does above. Will investigate how the Group box works.

CVSed the as before. Other steps are:

1) Add field:
a)DBEditor>T_Report > C_BPartner
b)SystemAdmin>ADTable=T_Report>C_BPartner (reference is TableDirect)