Integrate JasperReport in compiere252e

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Integrate JasperReport in compiere252e

Postby new_soft » Tue Oct 25, 2005 7:04 am

Hi all,
i tried to integrate jasperreport with compiere252e with the help found in this topic ... per+report ( thanks mir_shajahan ), but i have encoutred many problems but finally i have succeed to implement this feature.
The solution is to use jasperreport-0.6.7 and not jasperreport-0.5.2, many other changes are made.
Many tools are used and they are very helpfull to make things works and to make some tests. This tools are iReport wich i used to test JRBPartnerOrder.xml ( i have added 2 fields wich are GRANDTOTAL and DATEORDERED : this 2 fields was added with iReport : very simple).

TOAD : was used to modify the View.

I can give some ideas to everyone who still have some problems winth this integration.

Just still have the error when selecting parameter to pass to the report : There is no data displayed in the lisbox to be selected, So i was obliged to modify the select query in the iReport (select * from NN_BPartnerOrder_V
where C_BPartner_ID = 'some_data'.

When i resolve this error, i'll post the solution, nshallah.

Best Regards,

Khaled Najeh.
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