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henplus - a better sqlplus tool that works with jdbc

PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 2:33 pm
by neilg
There is a tool called henplus which is perfect for working over a low-bandwidth connection.

You will find it at

It works in a similiar fashion to sqlplus but is much easier to use and the advantage is that you can use any jdbc driver for it. Just copy your jdbc driver under ~/.henplus/lib then use register to register your driver (if it isn't aleady) and away you go.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 2005 5:54 am
by trifon
Hi neilq,

it is really a good tool.
Thank you for sharing this information with us.
I work on Windows 2000 and i had some problems till i managed to install it but it works now.


PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 2005 9:52 am
by red1
Hi Neil!
Witer u from?
I am moving your contributive code and idea to the Contributor's Corner :)

many thanks from the heart!

Its a pleasure

PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2005 12:54 am
by neilg
Hi Red1,

I've wanted to do some contributing for a while now. But now I've got DSL at home so got less excuse not to. I hope to make some more contributions as I go.

I'm busy with a project that has been a learning process to say the least, and not always in a positive sense. But we can learn sometimes more from when things go wrong.

Cheers Neil

PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2005 7:50 am
by red1
Hi Neil,
Thats great to hear that u have broadband! Welcome to the Under...i mean cyberworld :) .

About problems, think of them as situations, for they are the only times we truly learn well. So i see them as positive :lol: