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Join the Circle and Start Contributing

PostPosted: Sat Oct 16, 2004 10:03 pm
by red1
Here i am trying to present a way to look at the Compiere Consultancy Business with a Powerpoint slide that position Compiere as the choice, you as the services provider and the thinking to take it on.

Please view it here - . You can use the ideas in there but pls put Compiere and in the credits.

Well, just begin contributing and collaborating. Make yourself known and be refered to for help and assist others. Then u are credible to be a Compiere consultant and u can be part of the circle of recommended ones. And i shall teach u what is meant in my powerslides.

I for one luv to market my strategic thinking and presentation skills 8)

"People Aren't Cheap, Software Is. Contributors Are Priceless".


PostPosted: Sat Nov 20, 2004 12:59 pm
by red1
I like to say some things about how to contribute.
I like to bring your attention to someone who was struggling with Compiere but is always brave to ask the sillies of questions - which is Hema, from Turkey.
She has attended the course in Germany but still find the ERP App too daunting for her learning curve. But a few days ago she could donate and article which bewildered me :shock:
This is a clear example of a person of is too brave to try and make mistakes. But what she does in her article after i read it, shows one important ingredient about helping others to learn.
It is what you can call the human touch or personal voice. Every one of us has that. By been ourselves and saying our experience can draw and motivate others to go on.
Thats what politics is so powerful. People want to hear another person articulate it. They dont like mere priests to say the bible every day. It gets boring.
Just like movies when a certain character and certain incident is dramatised, we get hooked and drawn towards it. Media is powerful, and for mere content to be that we just have to be ourselves, say what we know and what we dont know. Thats what i do all the time. If i dont know, i have to say so. If i can help, i help.
I may help in my own humourous and particular way. With more people helping in their own ways, the masses have choices but they can identify with us when before there was not many references.
I even send one article to IBM's Eclipse and guess what? They turn it down! *haha*.

Anyway its better to have fun while learning and laugh at ourselves sometimes.

have a great new year ahead now~

PostPosted: Sun Nov 28, 2004 8:27 am
by red1
I have submitted 3 contributions from members here to the project.
They are from Cooldog (Singapore), GermanCheung (HongKong) and Hema (Turkey).
You can now see in the Compilo - File section, where RED1's FORUM contains the documents. I also beginning to put all my documents there too! (Now under separate release - RED1. But i will dump them all under one same spot.