CRM Helpdesk Operational Brief

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CRM Helpdesk Operational Brief

Postby zam » Wed Sep 13, 2006 12:02 pm

Project : CRM Helpdesk (Cli-CE under
Objective: To create a commercial CRM HelpDesk application interfacing Asterisk FOP and Compiere ERP/CRM

CRM Helpdesk Workflow :


When a customer calls the office through nTx8003 PBX System, it shall trigger the CIP.CIP is a web based panel that must be logged into by operator. CIP will call up CLI-CE Dashboard. Dashboard displays all vital info about caller such as Latest open request, Action taken and by whom, No. of open requests, Account Manager and so forth.

Operator can further review customer’s details by logging into Compiere Web-Based CRM. Action corresponding to customer’s request will generate SMS and e-mail. System will generate notification via email every time a request is created or updated. Notification emails goes out to client, service person assigned and admin. SMS is an another alternative for operator to distribute request to those service personnel that out on the field.

Operator Workflow Process:

There are 3 processes that can be done through CLI-CE Dashboard which are
1)Login into Compiere Web-Based CRM
- Get more information on customer / caller.

2)Call-back panel CRM history
- To do analysis on customer requests. Information can be obtained by doing selection based on request status, person in-charged for particular request and person being assigned to handle request.

3) Predictive Dialling
- Predictive dialing that can call-back caller by clicking on the provided phone button on CLI-CE Dashboard.


General flow of Compiere Web-Based CRM :

1) Customer Login to define a request
When Compiere is run from the web, it opens the following screen. At the Self Service row, there is a Send Request link.


2) Once user is logged into personal account, the following page will be displayed. User can view request history or make a new request.

3)As at admin side, he will route the request to technician.

4)Technician can view his task routed by admin by logging into the system.

5)In attending the request, technician can also escalate task to other party.

6)Customer can get updates on particular request by logging into Compiere.

Systems Features:
1) CLI - CRM capable. Able to pop-up Dashboard screen to identify the caller number and retrieve its record from the Database of Vendors, Customers and Employees. If its a new number it can be mapped to the Database and that number remembered.

2) Able to create a Request Ticket and auto-routed to service personnel based on self defined types and key words in the ticket's description.
- Each ticket and its history is Date-Time stamped for reporting and audit trail.

3) Both complainant and service person gets instant email proof of created ticket. We can also set more email recipients according to Request Type.

4) Dashboard displays all vital info about caller such as
a) Latest open request
b) Action taken and by whom
c) No. of open requests
d) Account Manager
e) Vital info which is easily programmed to appear i.e. Locations, Assets, Payments, Orders, Shipments, Invoices and Credit Status.

5) Users are able to self-service via web interface with Login/password

6) Configurable for Email Notifications:
a) Escalating to Supervisor of Service Engineer/Employee/Sales Rep assigned to handle ticket.
b) Alert after inactivity
c) Reminders after inactivity

7) Configurable Status Log frequency:
a) Unallocated
b) New Due
c) New Overdue
d) Alerts
e) Escalated
f) Inactivity
g) Status Timeout
h) Logs deleted

8 ) Web-based fast creation of new users
a) Login by email_id and password
b) Acquiring for basic info such as Address and Tel No.
c) Client can do further entry of
- Billing and Shipment Address, contact No by Client
- Categorization of Vendor, Customer and Employee

9) Client can view all requests and filter by status, business partner, date, routing and other variables.

10) CALL-OUT Add-On
a) Predictive Dialing
b) Generated CallOut tickets based on recurring Check Lists.
- As tickets are closed, the checklist is updated.
- Follow up lists based on status of tickets.

11) SMS features to enable distribution of request tasks to service personnel that are out on the field.

Screenshots of CRM Helpdesk :


Picture : Caller Information Panel (CIP)


Picture : CLI-CE Dashboard


Picture : Call-back panel CRM history


Picture : Pop up window that is displayed once the ‘TEL” button call is clicked.
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