Prototype II - Yield, Wastages thru BOM for Food Production

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Prototype II - Yield, Wastages thru BOM for Food Production

Postby red1 » Mon Jul 19, 2004 6:33 pm

Here is some resources for a food distribution contractor that requires yield and nutrition calculations for its kitchen production.
I created a Callout to process the Product window/BOM tab to calculate the raw materials as BOM children Their wastages are calculated when the user specified the various kilos of raw materials that made up one parent kilo of food.
Since these products are defined as a BOM set, u can further create other BOM child as a service or wastages or even labour charge to couple to the BOM. Thus when u move or asssign a production u can already get the "yield", by going up the BOM hierarchy. The next step (which i will do the functionality once the customer accepts my prototype) is to make autoposting of this yield differences as expenses.

i also uploaded the that has my modifications in it.
Get that in

View the screenshots as a guide what to work out the AppDictionary. in
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